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Long Island Dentist Caters to Fearful Patients

While most traditional dentists attempt to offer a low-stress environment, many people still find dental visits painful and nerve-racking. Golden Dental Wellness Center, in Manhasset, has Relaxation, Sedation, and Pain-Management programs especially for patients who fear dental checkups or procedures.

Designed for patients who are nervous during dental visits, the Relaxation Dentistry program encompasses a wide range of services, such as foot massages during procedures, aromatherapy using calming oils and rubs, and anti-anxiety medication. For patients with extreme anxiety, Golden Dental offers door-to-door programs that begin with relaxation medication the night before and end with the patient back home after the procedure, having been driven by a companion.

For patients with extreme anxiety, trouble staying numb from local anesthetics, or difficulty sitting still, there is Sedation Dentistry, which starts with a consult to customize a sedation plan.

“In mild cases, we can follow the same routines as our Relaxation Dentistry program, perhaps introducing a light dose of nitrous oxide during longer procedures,” says Dr. Linda Golden. “For severe cases, we can start with an oral prescription sedative pill an hour before the procedure, or even an IV-administered sedation for long, complex visits.” 

She asks new patients who’ve had a painful dental visit in the past to notify her office when making an appointment. “We have techniques and strategies to mitigate pain during your procedure to make sure you’re comfortable and your teeth are well cared for,” she says. 

Location: 444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset, NY. For appointments, call 516-627-8400. 

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