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In This Issue: August 2020

Proceeding . . . With Caution

Let’s see, we are in month six of the coronavirus and are still trying to “live” with it. Medical advances in treatment are humming along, as are the frantic experiments and trials to develop a vaccine. The clouds are starting to lift, ever so slightly. 

What should we be focusing on within our families? Mental and physical health—our own and our children’s—should be paramount, regardless of any vacation plans that may go awry. My resolve to strengthen my family’s immunity has made me hyper-focused. Fortunately, the boys have been able to participate in their most beloved sports, baseball and tennis. This has helped clear their minds and keep their lungs healthy. 

In our current state of affairs, we are all constantly sanitizing our hands and belongings—yet when the boys were toddlers, a little germ or two never hurt them, it helped build up their immune system to naturally fight off infections. Remember the five-second rule? A dropped pacifier was quickly picked up from the ground, wiped off and stuck right back into the screaming mouth, no questions asked. Now it would be thrown away. 

Unfortunately, in this corona world, over-sanitizing is needed; our bodies don’t know how to fight off this mysterious villain. I was a germaphobe before, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to adapt to the hypervigilance of our new normal. It’s definitely been harder for my boys, who barely washed their hands, much less sneezed into their sleeves or covered their coughs. Hey, they’re boys!

What I feel is most important now is being honest in what we share with our kids about this illness. We must teach them how to take ownership of their health and the health of those around them. We must teach them that while no one is immune, we can also adapt and learn how to continue to live—to enjoy life and find laughter again. With so much uncertainty, and the logistics of returning to school still unknown, our kids have a lot on their plates. In what format will they learn? Can they deal with wearing a mask all day? Will they adhere to the rules?

For those of you who have not been touched by this disease, I hope your streak continues. For those who have been affected, my heart beats strong for you and those around you who have suffered. We must take hold of what we can control. Each of us has one life, one body. And although we have been challenged in a way no one could have imagined six months ago, we can and will get through this.

Always in health,

Cyrece & Michael

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