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PolarAid®: Harness the Powerful, Vital Energy Surrounding Us!

By Dino Tomic, M.D. 

Nowadays, it’s undeniable that the human body has electromagnetic features—it has been scientifically proven. In fact many modern diagnostic procedures are based on measuring our electromagnetic parameters in order to assess overall health or specific organ function. The best-known procedures are electrocardiogram (ECG); electroencephalogram (EEG); electromyography (EMG); and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 

In the 1930s, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla achieved amazing results using high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas on a large number of patients with a variety of health problems, as well as cosmetic issues such as facial imperfections. Patients’ wrinkles disappeared, their skin tightened, and their hair became thicker. The patients were healed and, in a way, rejuvenated.

My Own Experience

I was fascinated by this story, so along with a few of my fellow doctors and engineers, I managed to procure and make the most of the equipment and devices Lakhovsky and Tesla once used. We found that we could support our patients with problems they had struggled with for years—problems that weren’t helped by conventional medical treatment.

Of all the devices we’ve used, the most impressive is PolarAid®, a polarization disc we developed based on Lakhovsky’s antenna. It is a small device with no electrical power supply, but it achieves fantastic results. 

As a gynecological physician practicing conventional medicine, I was frustrated by my limited ability to help my patients. Knowing I had to find complementary ways of healing, I completed training in quantum medicine; acupuncture; homeopathy; magnetic resonance therapy (MRT); energy methods such as reconnection and reiki; and some of the newer technologies of consciousness. I used the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices, which exceed today's conventional medicine by light years.

But PolarAid® impressed me most. I began to question my many years of education, training and effort when I realized that without a single day of training, anyone could use a PolarAid® disc at home for self-healing, as it allows the body to reclaim lost energy and vitality. 

In only the last five short years since PolarAid® has been available, we have received hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people who have used the PolarAid® disc to help alleviate their sleep problems, gynecological issues, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, neurological and mood disorders, digestive issues, joint pain, hemorrhoids and hormonal imbalances, by applying the disc to certain zones on the body, as well as men who recovered their prostate, improved their libido and enhanced their sex life. 

One way to use PolarAid® is to put it under a jug of water for 30 minutes to energize the water and boost its healing properties. Another way is to place it in the office or bedroom, where it will eliminate harmful or negative energy. If you keep it near you, it will provide you with an inexhaustible source of life energy.

We decided to sell PolarAid® at a very affordable price—about the same as a box of quality multivitamins. While a box of vitamins lasts just a month or two, PolarAid® lasts forever, and it doesn’t require maintenance. It’s a small investment for a lifelong home energy support tool.

As with everything surrounding wellness and well-being, PolarAid® should be a part of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Dino Tomic is a medical doctor specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For more than 20 years, he has devoted himself to exploring the interconnection of medical science and energy medicine. For more information, visit

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