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In This Issue: June 2020

We are entering month three of coronavirus upheaval. The curve has flattened and we are starting to feel hopeful at the possible return of normalcy. With Summer approaching, the longing for what was and what could be is teasing us, ever so slightly. Will we be able to have a day at the beach, a dinner with friends, concerts in the park and seats at a sporting event? No one knows for sure, but there are ways in which we can try to achieve some semblance of what summer memories are made of. 

For some of us, the vacations we once knew have changed, flying may be out of the picture,  large resorts with all the amenities may be a thing of the past. But, with these changes mean being creative.

‘Transforming Staycations” on Page 12, gives a plethora of options that are close to home, yet feel worlds away. Hop in the car and the world is your oyster. No time constraints as you have with rushing to catch a flight, you can over pack and not have to pay for it, you can bring full size toiletries just because and better yet, you can still dine al fresco under the warm summer stars, all while continuing to stay 6ft apart. 

Rent an Airbnb, or book a private cabin with a kitchen, canoe on a lake, stroll on a beach or hit that hiking trail you were curious about, “you can change your environment without going very far’ and that can give you just enough of what you’ve been missing while being cooped up in your house, for the past three months!

We need air to breathe, and we must take good care of our lungs, the organ most affected by this virus. Get out by staying near, explore while being safe, hope while the world heals and appreciate what surrounds you and gives what you’ve been missing, and that can amount to whole lot of relief.

Stay well, keep strong, and breathe.


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