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Jean McClelland to Teach Vocal Support Workshop Online

Jean McClelland, a faculty member of Columbia University’s Graduate Program in
Acting and the New York Open Center and a guest lecturer in the music department
at William Paterson University, will offer a four-session online workshop, The Flow
of Voice Breath and Body, on four consecutive Monday evenings from 6 to 7:30,
beginning May 4.

“There is no greater joy than to use our voices in a way that is powerful,
spontaneous and fully expressive,” McClelland says. “Developing a physical
understanding of voice and breath support helps us release inhibiting vocal tensions
and fatigue and become more engaging speakers, more truthful actors and more
musical singers.”

The term “vocal support” is mysterious to most people, she says, and
misconceptions about breathing and the use of the diaphragm abound. True vocal
support begins with understanding how the postural muscles influence the

“In our work together, we will explore how to bring about this coordination to build
strength in our diaphragms,” she says. “A strong diaphragm is necessary to cleanse
the lungs—that’s especially helpful now—and to energize our bodies and free and
strengthen our voices.”

McClelland is a certified senior teacher of the Alexander Technique and studied at
the Carl Stough Institute for Breathing Coordination. Her workshop will integrate
the Alexander Technique, breathing coordination and text. In addition to the Zoom
group classes, each participant will receive a private half-hour lesson.

Cost: $60 for the series. For information and registration, email