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Joan Arata: Modern Acupuncture

Joan Arata: Modern Acupuncture

Modern Acupuncture’s mission is to make their clients’ lives better by making acupuncture truly accessible. Clinics are in retail locations, with retail hours and have packages and memberships that offer an efficient path to getting the recommended treatment. As a national franchise, they have a methodology and train all acupuncturists to ensure that when patients visit multiple locations across the country, they are confident that they will get consistent, effective treatment. Joan Arata, who owns locations in SoHo, New York and Florham Park, New Jersey, plans to open more locations in the area. To encourage the community to try this healing modality, Arata offers the first treatment for free.

Treatments are given in the Zen Lounge in zero-gravity chairs with soothing music so they are relaxed and comfortable. Many patients fall asleep during their treatments—even those who come to be treated for insomnia!

Arata explains, “I had been looking for a next step after corporate America for quite some time. Some friends had become interested and involved with Modern Acupuncture and they told me about the opportunity. When I took a look at what Modern Acupuncture was offering and building, I decided it was a perfect opportunity for me. I have been a long-time fan of acupuncture and have had acupuncture to treat many different ailments over many years. The opportunity to take this ancient Chinese medical treatment to many more people with a ‘modern’ approach was too good to pass up.” 

“Our ideal client is someone who is open-minded about understanding about how various treatments work and willing to try something new,” states Arata. “Most people have no idea how acupuncture can positively impact their health and their lives.” 

Her biggest challenge so far has been finding the best possible staff and being on the lookout for additional marketing opportunities. Modern Acupuncture strives to provide as much education about acupuncture as they do promotion. Since so many people are new to the modality, they have many questions about how, when and why it works. Having a national brand behind their operation ensures consistent, effective training, the highest quality of practitioners, consistent supplies and products. All of these thoughtful points lead to effective treatment and a consistently good experience for their patients.

Location: 65 W. Houston St., New York (SoHo). For more information, call 917-388-2886, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 2.