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The Gift of Trouble

by Christina Connors

The Gift of Trouble is the title of a song featured in my album Dream Bigger, Songs of David Friedman.  I’ve always been an optimist at heart, choosing to see the “gift” in situations I’m struggling with.  In hindsight, most of my challenges have been course corrections. The Universe’s way to guide me back to where I am supposed to be for my highest good.  For example, I recently injured my neck forcing me to “take a break” from my job which is massage therapy. I believe there were a couple of “lessons” here.  1) I need to practice more self-care. I love to nurture and take care of people and don’t take enough time for myself. 2) I need to focus more time on my music.  It is my passion to nurture the nervous system and soothe the soul through song. To sing and to use music to help people disconnect from the noise of the world so that they can reconnect with their inner wisdom.  Since my injury, I’ve had the time to meet with collaborators to help move my music projects forward! 

So, how can we as a collective look at our current challenges and find the gifts? The book title “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein comes to mind.  She wants her readers to hold the thought that we live in a loving Universe and that it wants us to fulfill our dreams just as much as we want to and to trust that. So if we were to adopt that thought as a collective, how can this “loving Universe” explain the chaos that is happening in our world? Coronavirus, political chaos, etc.?  What could possibly be “the gift”?

What I know for sure is that nothing can be healed if it is not brought up to the surface to be seen, heard, and understood so that we can start the process of forgiveness and finally, letting go.  Life is always creating situations to help us grow. To help us see where we are holding outdated beliefs or patterns that no longer serve us. Seeing each other as “separate” from one another is just not working anymore.  We are a unity of souls sharing this beautiful planet and as you can see from the coronavirus, all countries are affected. This virus is an opportunity to remember that we are a global family and that what happens in one country DOES affect all countries. This is an opportunity for the world to come together and do what is necessary to keep everyone safe.  

 As for the political chaos, the behaviors of our leaders is an opportunity for us all to self reflect and ask ourselves “Am I living my life honestly? Are there parts of my own personality that need to mature and be held accountable for unhealthy and destructive behaviors?  Let’s use what is happening in our political system as an opportunity to decide again what behaviors are OK and to model for each other what it means to be a kind, and an honest member of society.

I believe that our world outside is a mirror.  It shows us through our own reactions to what is happening around us what it is that we need to heal within ourselves.  So I invite you in these challenging times to take the time to “notice” what triggers you and get curious about it. Notice how it feels in your body, and simply be with it. Take time to disconnect from the outside world and Nurture yourself.  Focus on what you want to see out in the world and BE THE CHANGE. That is how we will start to see a kinder, healthier world. It starts with each of us taking responsibility for ourselves and taking heart-centered action the minute we walk out the door.  Can you see “The Gift of Trouble in your own life?”

Christina Connors - The Soulful Songstress

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  • Solo Album Dream Bigger....Songs of Hope, Healing, and Inspiration
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