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In This Issue: February 2020

From the Heart

If you read last month’s letter, you know that I had ankle surgery in December—a procedure that I could not put off any longer. Now that I’m in the recovery phase, I’ll just say that being down for the count has been far harder than I had imagined! 

As a mom, I always put my kids first, which is why it took me seven years to take care of myself. And I have to admit that even though my surgery was long overdue, afterward I questioned why I went through with it. I am not a good patient. I want results quickly so I can get on with my routine. 

Yet the procedure did more than repair a nagging health problem. It forced me to consider why it can be so difficult for women to slow down, relax and let others help out, which for me was even harder than the recovery. When you’re a wife and a mom, asking for favors is not easy. You feel like a burden, even when others clearly don’t think of you that way.  With all women do and give on a daily basis, no questions asked—we love to do it all!—why is it so hard to let others give back? My friends have told me, “You would do it for us!” And you know, they are right.  

So with this being the month of love, ask yourself how you can lift someone else up by helping them when they least expect it. Don’t wait for them to ask you, because they might not. And if you are on the receiving end of help, allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. No one helps unless they truly care and want to.

Michael and our boys have taken on being there for me, and between their love and the love of my good friends, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have such wonderful people in my life. I’ve been humbled and deeply touched, knowing that I’m cared about in a way that I never really thought about before. 

Go out and love someone. The effect runs deep.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cyrece and Michael

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