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Sprinjene All-Natural Toothpastes Now Available at

Sprinjene toothpaste has set itself apart from all toothpastes with its patented formula of
zinc and black seed oil, or black cumin. Black seed oil has been a homeopathic oral care
secret in the Middle East and Africa for centuries. Sprinjene’s toothpastes contain
ingredients that can remineralize enamel, and are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and
antifungal. As if that were not enough, Sprinjene products are free of toxic ingredients
including triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), propylene glycol and artificial sweeteners
that are often found in other, supposedly natural brands!

You can buy this superior line of natural toothpastes now at (not available in
warehouses) for 30% less than other retailers, no membership required! Choose
between 4-packs of Sprinjene Natural favorites such as Adult Cavity Protection, Sensitivity
Cavity Protection and Sensitivity Fluoride-Free. Pricing of these bundles is $18.99,
including free 3-day shipping. This works out to be about $4.75 per tube instead of $5.99 to
$6.99 like at other retailers.

Also being introduced to, is Sprinjene’s Boost line of toothpastes, with extra
whitening or freshening power, as well as a special fluoride-free formulation. Buy all 3 in
one convenient pack (1 Fresh Boost, 1 White Boost and 2 Health Boosts) at
today with free 2-day shipping included!

All Sprinjene products are cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny Certified), vegan and gluten-free
certified, kosher and halal, and free of all artificial sweeteners, dyes and preservatives.
Remember, you deserve a better toothpaste! Sprinjene is the only natural toothpaste
available at

For more information, call 732-640-1830, email [email protected] or visit

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