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Complimentary Heat Therapy Session at HealthyLine

Feb 05, 2020 07:35PM

Midtown store specializing in heat therapy offering free in-store gift valued at $40 

HealthiyLine is inviting you to drop by its Midtown showroom to try a complimentary session on one of its heated gemstone therapy mats—and to take some healing energy home with you. For a limited time, everyone who walks into HealthyLine will receive a free energy bracelet valued at $40, no purchase necessary.

Walk in the Door to Receive a Free Energy Bracelet

“We offer complimentary 20-minute heat therapy sessions to first-time visitors because there’s nothing like experiencing a HealthyLine mat, especially if you’re stressed out or in pain,” says Lindsay Griesbach, director of brand development and strategic partnerships. “But right now, while supplies last, every visitor will also receive an energy bracelet. It incorporates the magnetic therapies and negative ion technology used in our mats, to keep the healing benefits going.”

Each bracelet contains a neodymium magnet and germanium powder. Magnetic therapy is commonly used to ease chronic pain and promote wound healing. Germanium powder, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is used for pain relief and detoxification. 

How HealthyLine Mats Heal

In its showroom, HealthyLine sells more than 100 models of heating mats and devices and has some available for guests to try. An expert associate can help them find a mat to address their medical or health needs, such as muscle or joint pain, fatigue, inflammation, poor circulation, excessive toxins or negative energy.

Each mat incorporates one or more of the following therapeutic technologies:

  • Hot gemstone therapy, which relaxes the muscles, relieves stress and physical tension and emits far-infrared rays and negative ions 

  • Far infrared therapy, which penetrates body tissues to temporarily decrease pain, inflammation and stiffness and boost circulation 

  • Photon light therapy, which works subcutaneously to stimulate the production of protein, collagen and new cells 

  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, which counteracts harmful electromagnetic “smog”

  • Negative ion therapy, which helps detoxify the body, cleanse the mind and improve overall well-being

Launched in 2013, HealthyLine offers the world’s widest selection of high-quality far-infrared heating mats, which are popular with chiropractors, physical therapists, medical practitioners, aestheticians, reiki masters and other wellness professionals, as well as individuals who buy them for home use. Its showroom includes a separate spa area where visitors can book heat therapy sessions featuring soothing music, essential oils, and pre- and post-treatment detox beverages. 

Location: 41 W. 36th St. 1st Floor. For more information, call 212-300-5092 or visit