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Complimentary Heat Therapy Sessions at HealthyLine Spa in Manhattan

Much of the healing technology behind HealthyLine heat mats are designed to work
through regular use, at the deep-tissue level. But just a single spa session in
HealthyLine’s Manhattan store—especially when it’s cold and dreary outside—often
turns casual shoppers into customers wanting to bring that technology home, says
Lindsay Griesbach, the company’s director of brand development and strategic

“We make more than 100 models, and when shoppers come into the store, they can
see them all,” Griesbach says. “But we encourage people to try the experience
firsthand because there’s really nothing comparable. Our spa features three of our
most popular mats, and shoppers can enjoy a complimentary session at any time and
receive a free gift just for stopping by.”

An FDA-registered company, HealthyLine incorporates five advanced healing
technologies in various combinations, she says. They include heated gemstones,
which provide the relaxation effects of hot stone therapy; far-infrared rays, which
penetrate deep into body tissues to ease pain and stiffness; photon light, which
works just beneath the skin to help the body detoxify at the cellular level; sought-
after pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), which facilitates well-being and
counteracts electromagnetic “smog”; and negative ions (released by the heated
gemstones), which act as natural purifiers.

The HealthyLine spa offers three different 20-minute or 40-minute sessions: Pain
and Stress Management, Chakra Balancing and Cleansing, and Immersive Full Body

Location: 41 W. 36th St. For more information, call 212-300-5092 or visit