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Natural Awakenings New York City

Kanes to Lead Two Transformation Seminars in Hell’s Kitchen

Award-winning authors and self-help experts Ariel and Shya Kane are coming to the
Skyline Hotel, in Hell’s Kitchen, to offer two seminars: Transformation in the New Year,
on January 6, and Magical Relationships, on February 10. Both events will take place
from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

The Kanes’ seminars, books, and podcasts have garnered an audience of millions
worldwide. At their New Year-themed event, they will share the keys to having upsets,
stress, and agitation dissolve in an instant.

“This evening will be geared toward people who are interested in experiencing well-
being day in and day out—not just when circumstances happen to be easy,” Ariel says.
“Through our approach, it’s simple to step into your brilliance and complete tasks that
have remained on your to-do list day after day, rather than having this year be a repeat
of years past,” Shya adds.

Happily married for more than 35 years, the Kanes are offering their Magical
Relationships seminar just before Valentine’s Day, when individuals and couples are
looking to find or strengthen their love relationships. At this event, the Kanes will offer
real, practical ways to create harmony and happiness in a relationship, whether
participants are single or divorced, dating or married.

Dr. Maryel McKinley says, “Years of therapy cannot touch what the Kanes can do in

Cost: $20 per event. Location: 725 10th Ave., Penthouse Ballroom, New York, NY. For
more information, visit