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Business Spotlight - Stick Stone & Bone, A Gem in West Village

Jan 04, 2020 ● By Michael Lehrman

A Gem in West Village 

Specializing in rare crystals, Stick Stone & Bone has energized its community for nearly 30 years.

Take an avid nature lover and a student of psychology and metaphysics, give them a shared spiritual and entrepreneurial vision, and the result is Stick Stone & Bone—the crystal and gift shop that’s been a West Village gem for nearly 30 years.

“Linda (Curti) and I founded Stick Stone & Bone in 1990, with the sacred intention to serve our community and provide customers with the opportunity to connect with and relate to nature, spirit and ultimately themselves,” says Yolanda Miller.

Curti has a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University and a deep interest in the metaphysical. Miller, a native Manhattanite who grew up spending summers in Virginia, has collected crystals all her life. 

“Most of those summers I was in the forest, communing with nature,” Miller says. “Influenced by my Cherokee and Aztec lineage and a deep appreciation for all of nature's gifts, I had a lifelong dream to open a crystal store.”

While Stick Stone & Bone specializes in rare gemstone crystals, it also carries Native American artifacts, handmade jewelry high-quality incense, sacred herbs and ornamental items with meditative and natural qualities

“We offer a broad selection of hand-picked and unique products for those interested in crystal healing, aromatherapy, Native American or Aboriginal spiritual traditions, and nature-inspired décor,” Miller says.

She and Curti regularly travel to gem and mineral shows across the country to add to the shop’s collection of rare crystals and gifts. 

“Our philosophy has always been to provide fair prices, excellent customer service and new and exciting merchandise to appeal to all who visit,” she says.

Among the shop’s many regular customers are shamans and other energy healers.

“Many cultures and religions recognize the relationship between our metaphysical anatomy and our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being,” Miller says. “The focus of many holistic healing philosophies is to ensure that the chakras are balanced and functioning properly. We offer an array of tools, crystals, and reference materials to assist with that.”

Location: 113 Christopher St. (between Hudson and Bleecker), New York, NY. For more information, call 212-807-7024 or visit

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