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What Is A Course in Miracles?

By Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

A Course in Miracles—consisting of a textbook, a workbook and a manual for teachers—was scribed by Dr. Helen Schucman, professor of medical psychology at Columbia University. Published in 1976, “the Course” has become a highly respected modern spiritual classic. It radically changes for the better the lives of anyone who takes it seriously. 

The Course has sold more than 3 million copies and exists in 27 different languages. Worldwide, thousands of groups have formed to study the Course, and hundreds of books have been written about it. 

Its goal is inner peace. Its central path is a process of gradual purification, the letting go of the non-reality of our egoistic self in order to become aware of who we already are, the self that God created.

According to the Course, the world is a school. Our bodies are learning devices, and the various experiences we go through are the classes we take in order to awaken from the separated selfish-self to an awareness of our eternal identity. 

What is most amazing about the Course is that it works. It has at this point transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Proof of that fact can be found in the slow but steady growth of interest in it over the past nearly 45 years. There is no hierarchy behind the Course; you can study it with others or completely on your own.

I taught courses in philosophy and religion at the New School University and SUNY from 1967 to 2008, and began working with a manuscript copy of the Course in 1975, with Dr. Ken Wapnick guiding me through this amazing text. 

I hold a lecture on the Course one Sunday per month in New York City, I teach an ongoing weekly class online, I regularly post my presentations on YouTube, and I publish a magazine called Miracles. For more information, contact me at