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Facing Death May Be Our Great Tool To Help Us Be More Present

By Sam Liebowitz

Our most powerful fear is normally our fear of death.

It keeps us up at night.

It brings all our regrets forward.

And it can be our most useful ally.

When we use our fear of death as a motivating factor it can remind us what is most important in life.

Its permanence makes us look hard at what we do.

How we spend our time.

How we treat others and how they treat us.

When we come face-to-face with death it cuts away at our illusions.

It brings us clarity.

And sometimes it brings us motivation.

That is, when we do not allow it to depress us.

To debilitate us.

To stop us from doing what we know we must do.

It all comes from our perspective on death.

We can view it as the great equalizer, or we can view it as an unkind foe.

Or we can just see it as a part of life.

Part of that cycle that begins when we are born and are ever racing towards throughout our lives.

Death keeps things immediate.

Death reminds us that tomorrow may not come.

That we only have the present moment.

And in that clarity, we can learn to be even more present, even more aware.

And that may be it’s greatest gift.

To bring us back to where we need to be in the first place.

Present to this moment.

Right here, right now.

What can we do right now when death is staring us in the face?

How can we change, how can we be when we know it is around the corner for us?

It may not seem like a happy subject.

Yet it is the most powerful topic to talk about when it is present in our lives.

How can we use it to transform this moment?

Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant