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Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn Launches Website

Nov 10, 2019 ● By Michael Lehrman

Sacred sexual healer and transformational guide Leslie Blackburn has launched a new website,, where offers live webinar classes, coaching and more. The mobile-friendly site allows visitors to explore their sacred sexuality through many free online resources.

Visitors can access the archives of Blackburn’s monthly live radio show, one of the most listened-to shows on Body Mind Spirit Radio, along with monthly videocasts on topics such as the 12-month series, Sexuality-How Do I Explore this Path?, airing on the first Wednesday of each month. The website also features news stories about Blackburn and her school; contact information; and a link to coaching, classes, workshops and live webinars.

A leading educator and coach of sacred sexuality and tantra, Blackburn is the founder of the Mystery School of the Temple Arts and One Space, LLC. With a practice located in Dearborn, she bridges the gap between sexuality and spirituality, covering tantra, consciousness, sexual anatomy and energetics, yoga, meditation, sacred geometry and more.


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