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HealthyLine Heat Therapy Brand Opens Midtown Store

Sep 23, 2019 10:18PM ● By Michael Lehrman

At a time when e-stores are replacing brick and mortar, the makers of HealthyLine
heat therapy products are bucking that trend. Lindsay Griesbach, director of brand
development and strategic partnership for HealthyLine, says their growing online
sales inspired them to open a Manhattan storefront. She expects demand for the
products to grow even stronger now that people can try out the far-infrared heat
mats for themselves.

“Some 500,000 customers in more than 20 countries are using our Inframat Pro to
attain new levels of wellness,” she says. “Anyone who hasn’t tried a mat or is
interested in trying the therapy should come down for a session.”
Although most of the store’s customers buy them for home use, HealthyLine
products are also popular with doctors, yoga instructors, chiropractors,
entrepreneurs, reiki masters, acupuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists
and spas. The mats are effective for managing chronic pain, reducing fatigue,
detoxification, relaxing sore muscles, improving blood circulation, revitalizing
energy levels and temporarily decreasing inflammation, Griesbach says.

A unique feature of the mats is their incorporation of gemstones, such as amethyst,
tourmaline and jade, long used in alternative medicine to facilitate recovery and
strength, as well as obsidian, a volcanic rock used in hot stone massage.
“When combined with heat therapy, these gemstones release far infrared rays and
negative ions, natural therapies that improve your body’s overall wellness levels,”
Griesbach says. “Our exclusive heat therapy technology also incorporates photon
lights and PEMF.”

Location: 41 W. 36th St. For more information, call 212-300-5092 or visit