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Children and Chakras

By Lisa Vanostrand

In her book Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people seeking happiness, health, and their full potential. As Brennan explains in the book, the period from infancy to childhood is a time of profound energetic growth. Children’s chakras expand and change as they develop a more nuanced understanding of themselves, other people and the world around them.   


In a newborn baby and young infant, the crown chakra looks like a wide funnel, while the root chakra looks like a narrow funnel. The energy moves through the crown chakra as it connects to the root chakra, allowing the infant to “ground” into the physical world. The infant’s other chakras are small and shallow. Because the infant has not yet had any experiences in this lifetime, his general energy field is amorphous, formless, with a bluish or grayish color.

As the infant fixes his attention on an object in the physical world, his aura tenses and brightens. As his attention fades, his aura fades too but retains some of the experience in the form of color. Every new experience adds a little more color to the aura and enhances the infant’s individuality. The aura continues to build this way throughout his life so that all his experiences can be found there.

Early Childhood

A child’s energy field is entirely open and vulnerable to the atmosphere in which she lives. Her chakras are all open: There’s no protective film over them to screen out incoming energetic influences. She experiences—and must deal with—all the outside energy that comes into her aura. This can make her very vulnerable and impressionable. (See the figure below to compare the adult’s chakra to the child’s.)   

However, the child is still attached to her caregiver through an etheric energetic connection. When she curls up in the lap of her mother or father, she’s protecting herself from these outside influences by being in the energy field of her parent. 

Beginning around age 2, she learns to relate to others and is learning a basic kind of love; as a result, the colors of red-orange and rosy pink become more visible in her aura. At this stage, she is struggling to find her own individuality yet feels very connected to all things. Personal objects become ways to define individuation. The child will send amoeba-like projections from her etheric field out to and around objects. The more important the object is, the more the energy consciousness from her field will surround it. Important objects become part of the child’s self; if that object is grabbed forcefully from her, it tears her field, causing physical and emotional pain. 

There often is a struggle to control personal objects that help define who the child is and around which she has placed her own energy consciousness. Her challenge is to recognize and maintain her self-individuation while still feeling a connection to others. 

Later Childhood

At around the age of 7, the child begins weaving a lot of gold energy into his space, which becomes freer, larger, less connected to the mother or father, and more open to visitors. Having a greater sense of self, the child now begins to see his similarities to others and can allow others more self-expression. A visitor is allowed to create all manner of energy forms within the child’s private spaces. 

The child then moves into a stage where he enjoys being in groups, in part because his chakras now have a protective screen that filters out many of the energetic influences from the field around him. The child feels safer because in his auric bodies, he really is.

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Lisa VanOstrand is senior faculty at Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She was also the senior editor of Barbara Brennan’s new book, Core Light Healing.