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Astoria Practice Specializes in Candida, Thyroid Issues

It’s usually assumed that no news is good news when it comes to medical tests. But when standard lab work fails to explain persistent health symptoms, the patient ends up more frustrated than ever. That’s a common complaint from people with hard-to-diagnose problems such as a thyroid condition or candida, says Michael Biamonte, certified clinical nutritionist and founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition, in Astoria.

“We often hear from new patients, ‘I have all the symptoms of candida or thyroid problems, and my doctor did all these tests, and yet they said everything was normal.’ Well, my first question would be, ‘Did your doctor even run the proper tests for thyroid conditions? Did they even test you for candida?’ Most mainstream doctors don’t know anything about proper testing for those conditions,” Biamonte says.

Typically, doctors hearing the average patient’s complaints and symptoms simply order standard blood and urine labs, he says. 

“Testing for candida is very precise and specific and is not included in standard blood and urine tests,” he explains. “It must be special ordered, which requires the doctor to have some preexisting knowledge of candida. Thyroid testing is usually minimal, and more than 90 percent of thyroid cases are misdiagnosed due to improper testing. Therefore to your doctor, your labs can look normal. But our practice has a high success rate in treating these conditions.”

Location: 2185 34th Ave., Ste. 14D, Astoria, NY. For more information, call 347-354-4219 or visit or See ad on page 2.

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