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Sleep Industry Makes Strides in Plant-Based Lifestyle

The plant-based lifestyle is now years into its breakthrough in the United States, as more and more Americans search for ways to live more healthily and naturally. That is the case especially in the food industry, which has greatly improved the prices, taste and general quality of its plant-based products over time. But the sleep industry has also made great strides in this arena, says Carlos Shiera, media relations director for SkinnyPillow.

Shiera was one of around 3,700 people who attended the Plant-Based-World Expo in New York City in June. He says hundreds of those people bought SkinnyPillows—new, all-natural pillows that take the cycle of plant-based living literally, “from seed to sleep.”

“Even people immersed in the natural lifestyle found it eye-opening, the obvious importance of natural sleep that SkinnyPillow promotes,” Shiera says. “The kapok-filled pillow is 100 percent plant-based, leaving out all the chemicals and harmful materials that affect millions of people that use synthetic pillows. Our stand was incredibly busy throughout both days of the expo, attracting the attention of people from all kinds of backgrounds, including doctors, investors and natural-living experts.”

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