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Purpose, Passion and Prosperity The formula for wealth and well-being

Jul 04, 2019 10:26PM

By Monica Maria Aparicio

Are you clear about why you’re here? Does your work fulfill and satisfy you? Do you love your work but feel limited by the income it provides? Are you trying to figure out how to combine what you love to do with a way to make a living?

Your reason for being alive will always be what brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction if you are engaged in that purpose regularly. When your purpose and passion have nothing to do with your income, you probably aren’t spending much time doing what you love to do. This disconnect can have a detrimental effect on your well-being, resulting in stress, anxiety and even physical disease. 

Unfortunately, the disconnect between purpose and income is a reality for many people. For others, the disconnect exists in their inability to translate passion into economic stability and ongoing prosperity.

To determine where you are in this equation of purpose, passion and prosperity, ask yourself these questions:

Do I know my purpose?

Your purpose is who you are, what comes naturally to you. It may be so matter-of-fact for you that you don’t realize that it’s your purpose. If you do know your purpose, are you expressing it daily?

What brings me passion? 

Your passions are the things that stir you to take action, the things for which you would be willing to endure some level of suffering in order to guarantee their existence in your life. If you do know your passions, are you devoting adequate time to them every day?

How are my purpose and passion expressed in my daily work? Am I experiencing the level of prosperity that allows me to create the life I want to live?

Prosperity is about more than just money and financial growth. It’s a state of well-being resulting from the experience and feeling of overflow. When you are connected to who you are, express that identity to the world daily, and understand the value you are providing others by doing so, prosperity is inevitable.

Life is too short for you not to be living your fullest life, where you get to express your passion and experience well-being and wealth as rewards for your contribution.

Monica Maria Aparicio is a spiritual teacher and mentor and the founder of the Earth Wisdom School of the Healing Arts. To contact her or apply for a complimentary Soul Clarity Mentoring session, visit

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