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SkinnyPillow Promotes Better Sleep for Better Health

Jun 10, 2019 08:14AM

food and water, and it’s critical to cognitive health: “Without sleep, you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn and create new memories, and it’s harder to concentrate and respond quickly.” In that context, any tool that can improve our sleep is less a luxury than a necessity.

That’s the idea behind SkinnyPillow, a natural living brand that promotes the Trinity of Health Concept, the importance of balancing nutrition, exercise, and sleep. American-made of natural kapok and organic cotton, SkinnyPillows are designed on the simple premise that less is more, keeping just what’s necessary for a night of natural, comfortable sleep, says Carlos Shiera, marketing director for SkinnyPillow.

“When we think about living a healthy and natural lifestyle, we are generally taking into account the food we eat,” he says. “But when 75 percent of Americans report having fair or poor sleep, it’s time to consider our sleep environment. ”Shiera says most pillows contain chemicals like formaldehyde and polyurethane, along with animal parts and synthetic materials that release a “toxic brew” of gases that we might be unwittingly inhaling for hours on end each night.

“Think about how difficult it is to breathe for some people when they are in a place full of cigarette smokers. The same can be said with sleep,” he says. “Natural sleep allows the body to truly rest without consuming chemicals.” For more information, visit

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