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Lyme Disease “The Great Mimicker”

May 05, 2019 04:55PM

From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City

Are you suffering from symptoms of an illness that doesn’t seem to respond to any normal treatment? Maybe, just maybe, you are suffering from the “great mimicker”, Lyme disease. Even if you know you have it but believe you can’t get rid of it, don’t give up hope! Read on.

The Cause

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. Borrelia burgdorferi is the main cause of Lyme disease in North America, though up to five co-infections are often present.

The infection is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks. The ticks are extremely small and often fall off the body after feeding, thus masking the fact that you’ve been bitten.

The Symptoms and the Difficulty in Diagnosis

Early symptoms may include fever, headache, fatigue, depression, and a characteristic circular skin rash, which has a “bulls-eye” (target-like), appearance. Patients often experience flu-like symptoms, such as headache, muscle soreness, fever, and malaise, which can also confuse the early diagnosis.

Unfortunately, left untreated, symptoms may involve the joints, heart, and central nervous system. The disease can affect multiple body systems at the same time and produce a wide range of symptoms. Not all patients with Lyme disease will have all symptoms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease but can occur with other diseases as well, also making it difficult to diagnose. Also, blood testing frequently shows false negative testing or indeterminate results, causing doctors to delay diagnosis and treatment until it’s too late to easily kill the infections.

Every part of the body can be affected. Various acute neurological problems including facial palsy, which is the loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of the face, as well as meningitis, which involves severe headaches, neck stiffness, and sensitivity to light are common in untreated cases. Nerve inflammation causes shooting pains that may interfere with sleep, as well as abnormal skin sensations.

The late stage is where the infection has fully spread throughout the body. A polyneuropathy that involves shooting pains, numbness, and tingling in the hands or feet may develop. A neurologic syndrome called Lyme encephalopathy is associated with subtle cognitive problems, such as difficulties with concentration and short-term memory often accompanied by profound fatigue. In some cases Lyme disease kills.

The Answer

In many but not all cases, antibiotics may eliminate the infection and its symptoms, especially if the illness is treated early. Unfortunately, even when caught early, antibiotics don’t always work.

Over the past 22 years, intravenous medical ozone has been safely and effectively used to destroy and eliminate Lyme disease, even in late-stage infections. Often when all hope is gone, even after years of suffering medical ozone has proven successful.

Usually, in just a few weeks, symptoms begin to diminish offering hope and finally giving relief. Intravenous medical ozone when it enters the body attacks and kills all Lyme disease-causing bacteria. It does it safely, virtually with no adverse reactions. In addition, it destroys all unwanted viruses, fungus, yeast, mold, harmful free radicles and toxins, thus cleansing your body and boosting your own natural immune system. A

You can learn more about intravenous medical ozone at as well as buying a copy of the award-winning DVD “Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine” by Dr. Gary Null at which contains testimonials from Lyme patients as too medical ozone’s effectiveness.

Source: Dr. Howard Robins. For additional information, call 212-581-0101 or visit See ad, page 3.

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