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Living a Reiki-Infused Life

Apr 07, 2019 10:34PM

By Rev. Jyogan

Reiki is everywhere these days, it seems. This hands-on healing art has gone mainstream. It is becoming a household term. It even has a hashtag: #reiki. Have a headache? Don’t reach for the aspirin—just apply some reiki. It is offered to patients in hospitals and given directly in operating rooms during surgery. It has even found its way into the fictional medical world, with a mention on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

We celebrate the fact that this beautiful and healing connection to Source Energy— something that originated nearly 100 years ago in Japan—has taken the world by storm. There are many reasons reiki has blossomed to become as popular as it is today, but simply put, it is easy. It is easy and readily available to anyone and everyone—literally to every living being on this planet. Why? Because reiki is, by definition, everything.

Reiki is everything. Reiki is Source Energy, the energy of the universe. This means that the air we breathe is reiki. Inanimate objects are reiki. The vacuum of space is reiki. Love is reiki. Reiki can also “charge” and enliven things— crystals, plants and pets, to name just a few. In fact, pets love it. Why? Because they are it! Go ahead and ask your dog after giving him some reiki healing touch.

Reiki infuses everything, literally everything. Even our loving unions and weddings can (and should) be permeated with it. Why create a beautiful loving union at City Hall? That’s roughly the equivalent of making a life

Jyogan is a reiki shihan (master teacher) and ordained interfaith ministerial director registered as clergy with the New York City Office of the Mayor to perform legal weddings. He serves as ministerial director with the Traditional Reiki Center, located at Fulton Street and Marcy Avenue, in Brooklyn. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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