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New Software Analyzes Blood Tests to Recommend Diet

Apr 07, 2019 11:03PM

Software that indicates the best diet for a person based on his or her blood test is now available at The Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition, in Queens. Michael Biamonte, a certified clinical nutritionist, originally helped develop the software for NASA. “The diet can change as the patient’s symptoms improve, and this is where most holistic programs can fail,” Biamonte says.

“This new computer software program will not only tell a patient what supplements are needed to correct any imbalances, but it also gives a specific diet based on blood chemistries.”

The database is completely objective, he notes. “It does not favor heavy meat diets or vegetarian diets. It simply recommends what is correct for a patient based on their lab tests and blood chemistries and more than 60 years of research by nutritional experts.”

As a result, he says, people with any chronic symptom or disease can benefit, and The Biamonte Center can treat the whole person rather than just managing a specific diagnosis. “As the patient’s most severe issues improve, we shift our focus to the next set of problems to be addressed,” he says. “Blood tests are expected to be dramatically better in six months and, with a patient’s compliance, mostly perfect in about a year.”

Location: 2185 34th Ave., Queens, NY. For more information, call 347-808-7063 or visit See ad inside back cover.

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