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Uplifting the World through Alexander Technique

The world needs more love, openness and compassion—and Alexander Technique (AT) can help, says Mona Al-Kazemi, the co-founder of Think AT, an education studio based in New York City.

“Before we can give to others, we really have to start with ourselves,” Al-Kazemi says. “Yet every day, many of us rush through our tasks and responsibilities, not taking enough time or space to align ourselves the way nature intended. To quote Eleanor Brownn, who writes and speaks about self-care, ‘You cannot serve from an empty vessel.’”

That’s where AT can help, she says. More than 100 years ago, Frederick Matthias Alexander discovered that we all have an inherited organization of the head, neck and back that works well when we are children, but becomes dull with time, like any mechanism that is not being properly used. Alexander created a method to regain this inherited organization.

“By taking lessons in Alexander Technique, we learn to take our space, enjoying the process of whatever we are doing, and claiming our birthright of an easy, smooth and effortless existence,” Al-Kazemi continues. “We go back to basics, eliminating the unnecessary extra effort and being mindful of what we do. As we become more present, our giving to the world will be in harmony with our inner selves. Only then can we fully contribute to uplifting humanity.”

For more information, contact Mona Al-Kazemi at 646-632-5181 or visit

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