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Phoenix Qigong a Highlight of Upcoming Eastover Events

Dec 02, 2018 02:52PM
For generations, New Englanders flocked to Eastover, the iconic resort in the Berkshires, for graduation parties, family reunions and corporate events. Since its purchase in 2010, people travel to what is now Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, not just for weddings and other celebratory gatherings, but also for holistic retreats, trainings, classes and workshops, such as Phoenix Qigong with Joe Lok, set for June 25-30.

Eastover’s co-founder, Yingxing Wang, says the workshop will be a highlight of 2019.

“Phoenix Qigong, a qigong of Taoist origin, was developed mainly for health,” she says. “It enhances the thousand-year-old practice of Dao Yin, directing the flow of energy to harmonize the body and mind. It relieves pain at the muscles and joints and strengthens the organs, clearing blockages at the meridians to improve immunity. In his workshop, Master Joe Lok gives step-by-step instructions on posture and movement for a smooth qi flow, so that every student arrives at a rather high accomplishment by the end of it. Phoenix Qigong and its workshops are welcome worldwide and have been enjoyed by everyone who has attended them over the years.”

Eastover’s relaxing atmosphere complements its holistic events, Wang adds. “Eastover was a 400-acre estate when we bought it, and we’ve been renovating the property ever since. We’ve added 200 acres in order to create a tranquil and rejuvenating environment for hosting and facilitating holistic retreats and other events. Eastover also provides exceptional service and accommodations.”

Location: 430 East St., Lenox MA. For more information, visit