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Open Heart Conversations at the United Palace

Dec 02, 2018 03:10PM
The Open Heart Conversations (OHC) at the United Palace of Spiritual Arts offer the opportunity to explore and experience the enduring religious and spiritual traditions with some of the world’s best-known mystics, progressive thought leaders and visionary teachers.

Rev. Arda Itez, who co-hosts the monthly series along with Rev. Dr. Jose Román, says it draws inspiration from the Dalai Lama’s observation that “finding common ground among faiths can help us bridge needless divides at a time when unified action is more crucial than ever.”

“We delve into the esoteric through discussion, music, literature and experiential activities to explore the world’s wisdom traditions, while cultivating community with a variety of people from an array of cultures and backgrounds,” Itez says. “OHC is a doorway to the new paradigm of spirituality, an opportunity to shift the collective consciousness towards a kinder, gentler, more compassionate way of being, and a journey towards healing.”

She says previous OHCs have featured and celebrated Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Toltec and African Yoruba-Ifa spiritualities “in unique and creative ways, with much more to come in 2019. Join us the last Sunday of every month for a transformational mind-, heart- and soul-awakening experience.”

Location: 4140 Broadway at 175th St. RSVP required. For more information, visit


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