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Trainer Helps Dogs Transition to Alone Time

Oct 02, 2018 10:04PM

 As fall has recently begun, busy work schedules resume, and owners and their dogs reboot their full-time apartment life in the Big Apple. Alarms go off and people struggle out of bed while their canine companions take the downward dog to the next level. Then for the rest of the day, many owners are stuck in cubicles while their dogs are stuck in apartments—and that can lead to problems, says certified dog trainer Maya Friedberg. “Transitioning from summer to fall not only alters our schedules, but it also means a big shift for our dogs,” Friedberg says. “When we’re struggling to complete projects and presentations, bathroom breaks are an afterthought. For our dogs, however, bathroom breaks are the highlight of their day. Only a few are fortunate enough to enjoy the day at the spa, walks in the park and pet concierges.” Providing dogs with the proper mental stimulation and a job to do is as important for us as it is for them, she says. Boredom can lead to destruction and behavior problems, causing further stress for both parties. As proprietor of Tails of Dog, Friedberg provides force-free, customized dog training and behavioral guidance in the home. That includes helping owners and pets make the transition to more alone time. “I can help you and your canine companion curtail the boredom, adjust to the shift in schedules and implement simple management and training strategies that fit your lifestyle,” she says.

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