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The New NEWLIFE Expo

Oct 02, 2018 10:15PM
Mark Becker, founder of New York City’s first yoga center and herb shop and the founder of NewLife Magazine, is bringing the NewLife Expo, America’s longest-running event focused on holistic enlightenment and conscious living, back to the Wyndham Hotel New Yorker from October 26 to 28.

Becker—nicknamed “Yogiman” by Robin Williams—says this 29th annual event will be “the most awesome ever. I’ve added new, amazing additions to my array of more than 100 lecturers and exhibitors from around the world.”

Newcomers include spiritualists James Van Praagh, Thomas John, and Anna Raimondi; astrologer Susan Miller; nutritionist Joel Fuhrman; UFO experts Whitley Streiber, author of Alien and Communion, and Tracey Ash, who Becker says has “incredible UFO footage,” and spiritual speaker David Young.

“David’s presentation on Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene, will blow your mind,” Becker says. “Of course, all the old favorites will be back, too.”

The NewLife Expo is unlike any other New Age fair, he adds. “Others have tried to copy it, but none have succeeded. So whatever your flavor, come to the NewLife Expo and open your mind to all possibilities. You’ll meet thousands of people who are into what you’re into. At the very least, you might fall in love.”

Cost: Tickets begin at $15. Location: 481 8th Ave. (at W. 34th St.). For tickets, discounts or more information, visit   See ad on page 2.

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