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Eastover Offers Several Types of Multilevel Healing

As co-founder of Eastover, a holistic ecovillage and retreat center in Lenox, Massachusetts, Yingxing Wang has seen many types of multilevel energy healing. She says one of the most fascinating is Magnetic Harmonic Vibrational Therapy, which uses sounds produced by the human voice, singing bowls and other sources to “penetrate the subtle energy levels—the chakras, auric field and etheric realm— and the physical body to remove discordant vibrations, which are often a cause of imbalance or illness, and to re-establish the body’s natural harmonic tones and frequencies.”   Qigong, the healing practice of cultivating qi (life-force energy), is taught in various forms at Eastover. Qigong is “vast in spiritual profundity and grace,” and depending on the form, it can heal the heart, body, and mind, she says. “We’ve had presenters who were so in tune with energy forces that they could read the body’s 12 main meridian channels and then open and heal them with qi and manipulation. Others who practice more mystical healing forms deal in soul retrieval, bringing trapped, earthbound spirits into the light.” Eastover also offers the ancient practice of Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage designed to heal on various levels while strengthening immunity, detoxifying organs, balancing emotions, improving sleep, restoring vitality and easing pain, PTSD and PMS. And recently, experts from the Kushi Institute have brought new, in-depth forms of healing to Eastover through classes in Macrobiotic Philosophy and Cooking, Visual Diagnosis and Nine Star Ki. For more information, email [email protected], call 866-264-5139 or visit