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Sufi Guide Musa Muhaiyaddeen Offers Free Lectures

May 30, 2018 08:35PM
Join Musa as he takes us on an inner journey inspiring us to reflect and examine ourselves to find our inner strength and spirituality.

During his spontaneous talks he covers many different topics, some of which are: consciousness, dignity, qualities, love and destiny.

From Musa’s upcoming book Sufi Illuminations, “If we want to change our destiny, if we want to change who we are on the inside we have to change our consciousness.” Musa has the ability to take complex esoteric concepts and put them into easily understood language.

Musa says, “This world is a difficult place where we have so many trials, so many problems, yet it is here we are looking for the liberation of our soul.” Musa guides us on the Sufi Path and examines the different ways we can connect to the vibration of God.

These spontaneous talks are followed by Zikr, a prayer recitation in Arabic for those who would like to join in. The next meeting will be June 16th at 4:30 pm at New York New Church, 114 E. 35th Street, NYC.

Musa’s talks are available to listen to for free on and his books are available on Amazon.

Please register with Sufi Study Center on If you have any questions you can email at [email protected]

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