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Turmeric Can Be A Natural Dental Stain Remover

Most people think of turmeric as the notoriously powerful, bright-yellow spice that stains everything. Ironically, turmeric also can be a natural dental stain remover, says Dr. Lewis Gross, director of Holistic Dentists in Tribeca.

“Several studies suggest that turmeric is highly beneficial for oral health,” he says. “When mixed with other ingredients, turmeric removes the built-up plaque that may be responsible for tooth decay; thus it’s useful for treating gum infections such as gingivitis. Turmeric has astringent properties, and it’s also abrasive, meaning that it can remove yellowing of the teeth. And because it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it kills germs and other microorganisms that cause gum and tooth problems.”

Gross and Sameer Atrash conducted a study, “The Effect of Alka-White Mint and Alka-White Turmeric on the Oral Cavity,” raising the question of whether turmeric alkalizes the oral cavity, whitens teeth and freshens breath. They studied 72 patients, 41 of whom used Alka-White Mint and 31 of whom used Alka-White Turmeric. They concluded that 29 of the patients who used Alka-White Turmeric noticed their teeth getting whiter.

Furthermore, after one 30-second rinse, 93.55 percent of Alka-White Turmeric users had whiter teeth, compared to 92.68 percent of Alka-White Mint users.

“This data is coming closer to proving that turmeric is actually more effective than traditional mint toothpaste,” Gross says. “Though 72 people is not a big group, the majority of people’s teeth showed that turmeric is a reliable, completely healthy teeth-whitening remedy.”

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