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Happy Face Yoga Offers Natural Alternative to Surgery

People who have sagging jowls or wrinkled foreheads, but not the desire or financial wherewithal to spend large sums on medical fixes, now have an affordable and natural alternative in facial yoga exercises. A recent study conducted by Northwestern University and published in JAMA Dermatology found that these exercises known as Happy Face Yoga bring a youthful vitality to the face.

The study was taught by Gary Sikorski, who has offered his facial exercise program since 2006 and is now bringing his two-hour Happy Face Yoga informational seminar to various locations throughout Manhattan.

Happy Face Yoga uses proven techniques combining fundamental yoga practices of awareness training, relaxation and conscious breathing with dynamic facial muscle resistance exercises, Sikorski says. “Past participants have referred to it as non-surgical plastic surgery,” he adds. “Amazing changes occur in the face in three or four weeks.”

During his Manhattan seminars, he will discuss the exercise program as well as facial muscles, vitamins and supplements, nutrition and other aspects of facial care.

For more information about Happy Face Yoga classes and seminars, visit or contact Sikorski at [email protected].