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Natural Awakenings New York City

Mind over Matter

In situations that call for determination, we sometimes talk about “mind over matter.” It’s meant as a colloquialism, but channel Eve Fischer says there’s good reason to take the phrase literally. As cofounder and developer of a self-hypnosis tool called PULSE (Perception, Uniting, Life, Spiritual, Energy) Manifestation, she believes that the mind controls all of matter—the protons, neutrons and electrons that make up reality.

“I grew up with a habit of questioning reality,” she says. “My keen interest in psychology, quantum physics and spirituality led me to be invited to a conversation, which in turn led to the teaching of the amazing and easy-to-use method called PULSE Manifestation.”

The conversation proposed that “mind” is a hyper-creative state that can be brought on by a bilateral movement, like a swinging pendulum, she says. “Hypnotism is nothing new, but what was new, to the participants, was the idea that it could be used on a deeper, psycho/physiological level and a grander, universal scale. PULSE made it possible to recreate memories that became individual roadblocks and to gather a collective consciousness to transform the world.”

To learn more about PULSE Manifestation, visit To schedule an intensive session, contact Eve Fischer at [email protected] or 914-262-7426