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MindPower Consulting with Elly Molina

Jan 28, 2018 11:59AM

After several years of living in the Pacific Northwest, Amazon best-selling author Elly Molina has returned home to offer MindPower Consulting to the people of New York.

“MindPower Consulting helps you use your mind to shut down negative thoughts and belief programs, enabling you to access your own powerful intuitive abilities and wisdom while harnessing and expressing your innate talents in daily life,” Molina says. She helps people who want to have new experiences, transform stagnant situations, learn to use their own intuitive abilities, unlock their passion, become re-inspired or reinvigorate a stalled project or dream.

“I work with people’s personal knowingness, their psychic abilities, their intuition, and together we create the future they want to live in,” she explains.

Molina, who holds a master’s from NYU and has been an educator for more than 30 years, has given thousands of readings and is a mentor, adviser and consultant to heads of state, celebrities, business professionals and seekers. She founded Psi-Kids, where children and adults learn to use their mind power and intuitive abilities, and she has appeared on a number of national media outlets.

To learn more or contact Elly Molina, visit

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