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Alexander Technique Eases Pain through Intentional Movement

As a longtime teacher of Alexander Technique, Mona Al-Kazemi tends to categorize people in an unusual way. “People are either well coordinated and conscious of the habits that support their coordination; naturally well coordinated but unaware of what they are doing; off balance, possibly in pain, and aware of the habits that might be causing or prolonging their conditions; or off balance but unaware that their habits are contributing to their conditions.”

Al-Kazemi is the founder of Think AT in Battery Park City, dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique. The name was inspired by AT’s focus on thinking, which affects the way we live, including whether we move with patterns of tension or ease.

“Becoming conscious of habits is reaffirming for those who are already well-coordinated, while for the rest of us, it can be the beginning of change, as we choose to do more of what works for us and less of what causes discomfort or pain. Moreover, Alexander Technique offers a process of change that includes moving with clear intention. With time, your coordination will improve, and the best part is that you will know exactly why.”

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