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Top Winter Reads For an Inspired New Year

Jan 02, 2018 03:48PM



A Year of Inspired Living

Author: Kelly Martinsen
 A Year of Inspired Living will help you discover the life you want to lead, the person you want to be, and the impact you want to have on the world. This delightful book is a compilation of essays, they range from the profound and poignant—love, faith, loss—to the heartwarming and hilarious—middle-age angst, motherhood mishaps, dog-poop scofflaws—and more. A Year of Inspired Living offers personal reflection questions and space for the reader to journal and help the reader create their most inspired year. Available at, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.


A Course in Mysticism and Miracles

Author: Jon Mundy, PhD
Reading the teachings of the world’s great mystics and knowing A Course in Miracles, a conversation emerges regarding the similarities between these teachings. Jon Mundy, Ph.D. has spent much of the past 40 years teaching classes on mysticism and on A Course in Miracles. In his new book A Course in Mysticism and Miracles, being released by Red Wheel Wiser in February 2018, Jon brings these disciplines together for our examination and enjoyment. Visit for more information. Available at Amazon.


Creating a Lifetime of Wellness

Author: Aura E. Martinez
In Creating a Lifetime of Wellness, Aura E. Martinez, provides a comprehensive guide as to the areas of your life that you need to look at in order to create more well-being on a daily basis. This book covers areas of your life that you may overlook that may be hindering you from having happiness and balance. Martinez explains how your well-being consists of so much more than you think. If you’re looking to change your life in a much greater way, this book is a must read to get you thinking about your life on a different level. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and everywhere books are sold.


The Twelve Powers We Hold Within

Author: Orly Amor
Do you want to live a happier, more successful life? In her new book, The Twelve Powers We Hold Within, Certified Behavioral Analyst, Orly Amor, introduces us to the dual forces inside all of us that impact our lives and show us how to control them. The Twelve Powers We Hold Within, from GMC Publishing, is scheduled for release on December 12th, 2017. Pre-order your copy today (or gift to a friend) and set yourself up for success in 2018 and beyond! Launching Dec 12th on Amazon and at the HoM Store, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 11209, from 6-9pm.


Yoga for Diabetes

Author: Rachel Zinman
Diabetes is epidemic, but medical studies show yoga helps diabetics balance glucose levels, reduce stress, lose weight, increase insulin sensitivity, and enhance wellbeing. International yoga teacher Rachel Zinman, author of Yoga for Diabetes: How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda (Monkfish Book Publishing Company), has Type 1 diabetes. This illustrated book shares her story and provides a guide to incorporating yoga into daily diabetes management—regardless of age or experience. Available at Indiebound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


Practical Enlightenment

Authors: Ariel Shya Kane
Since 1987, Ariel and Shya Kane have touched the lives of millions through their transformational seminars and top-rated Internet radio show Being Here. In Practical Enlightenment, they share a refreshing approach to living life without worry, stress or anxiety - a way of living where your past no longer dictates your present or future and you experience your own perfection. Through humorous and touching stories of real people in real life situations, the Kanes show you the easy way to live an enlightened life - no effort required! Learn more at Available at Amazon and everywhere books are sold.


Children Who Know How to Know

Author: Elly Molina
Developing superpower skills is not only possible but it is something all humans once knew how to do. Training your child to do this will enhance his or her life in unimaginable ways. This book shows you how to look at the mind as an untapped resource, our greatest asset and invites you to take a different view of our innate mental powers. What you discover may alter the course of your life and the way you perceive and interact with yourself and your children. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Black Opal, Kobe and other fine retailers where books are sold.


Change the Story of Your Health

Author: Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD
In his book Change the Story of Your Health: Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing award-winning author, clinical psychologist, shamanic practitioner, and Jungian analyst Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD shows how we can identify our health story and use journaling and expanded-awareness practices to begin changing it, leading to better health and wellness. Greer teaches readers how to use shamanic and Jungian techniques to gain insights and energies for changing a dissatisfying health story and bringing to life a new one. More at Available on Amazon and in bookstores.