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Alkaline “Buffering” Can Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

An alkaline diet—one composed of citrus fruits like pineapple, lemon and grapefruit— can help with weight loss and boost overall health, but it can also cause severe tooth sensitivity, says Dr. Lewis Gross, a holistic dentist in Tribeca.

“The acids expose the root tubules if they’re allowed to remain after swallowing,” he says. “Usually this is a temporary discomfort for people who have receded gums, but continual exposure to bleaching agents and whiteners weakens the teeth.” The same goes for apple cider vinegar, which some people use to remove stains naturally, he says.

To neutralize the damaging effects of these foods, Gross suggests immediately cleaning the teeth with a buffering agent like Alka-White mouthwash. He formulated Alka-White using natural ingredients, including baking soda, coconut oil, turmeric and other essential oils, that protect the teeth from acidity, and he recommends its daily to maintain alkaline saliva (above pH 7) and to enable teeth to re-mineralize.

Alka-White is now also available as individually wrapped tablets, for “buffering on the go.”

A month’s supply of Alka-White, which includes a free pH monitor, is available on Amazon for $16.99. Alka-White tablets are available through