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Good Therapeutic Massage Involves “Detective Work”

Good therapeutic massage is mostly detective work, says licensed massage therapist Lee Noonan. “The crucial lasting aspect of treatment is discovering the underlying cause of pain, whether acute or chronic.”

She describes a recent client who said his lower back had been aching for three weeks, and then told her all about his new car as she rubbed his sore lumbar muscles. “I asked him when he got the car, and he said three and a half weeks ago. Then I told him about a wealthy client of mine who owned seven cars, one for each day of the week. The man understood that each car’s seat placed unique stresses on his body. By changing cars daily, his body never got stuck in a chronic painful pattern.”

Of course most people aren’t wealthy; Noonan suggested adjusting the car seat’s lumbar support. “He emailed two weeks later that his back had been perfect ever since,” she says. “The art of touch is extremely effective for many acute or chronic problems— just consult a physician first to determine your diagnosis and treatment options. Massage therapy can also help alleviate stresses before they cause problems.”

New York Magazine called Ms. Noonan’s work “among the best the city has to offer.” 35+ years of private practice in Manhattan.

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