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Fresh Juice Beats Bottled for Health Benefits

Feb 24, 2017 10:10AM
Drinking green juice daily can be a great tool for weight loss, fitness and detoxing—but only if it’s done correctly, says Rebecca Matsil, marketing manager for New York wheatgrass producer Perfect Foods. “Not all wheatgrass is the same, and not all juice is the same,” she says. “The bottom line is, fresh juice is the best juice.”

Perfect Foods has been growing and distributing organic, local wheatgrass to fresh juice bars since 1982. Since the recent trend turned towards cold-pressed juices and High Pressure Processing (HPP) bottles, Perfect Foods has made it a mission to educate New York consumers on the superiority of fresh juice over bottled juice, Matsil says.

“When wheatgrass juice is fresh, the live enzymes, vitamins and nutrients are intact and going immediately into your body, which no bottled juice can do for you,” she says. “Bottled juice is more convenient, but it is left on the shelf for days, and time deteriorates the nutrients, whether it’s cold-pressed or bottled. It’s common sense— fresh is best. And New Yorkers only stand for what’s real. Let’s support the local juice bars and get back to fresh together.”

Visit and type in a location to find the two closest juice bars using fresh wheatgrass. For more information about Perfect Foods products, call 845-651-2021.