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Personal Resilience Begins with Self-Care

Pastor Robert H. Schuller once said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” We all have stress, hardships and challenges, but when we deal with them in counterproductive ways—by avoiding, withdrawing, acting out or engaging in any “holic” behaviors—we can perpetuate our own misery. Harriet Cabelly, a practitioner of positive psychology, offers several suggestions for developing personal resilience to avoid getting stuck in life’s down cycles.

Building resilience begins with self-care, she says. “Stressful times are when you need it the most and are most likely to neglect yourself. Get enough sleep, or even try for an extra hour. It’s restorative to the mind and body. And eat simply and well. When you’re upset or constantly running, you might be tempted to skip meals or gorge on junk.” Regular exercise is critical to building stamina and strength, she adds. “Doing something physical keeps you strong in body and mind. Endorphins kick in, giving you a boost and clearing the mind to better deal with what’s at hand.”

Cabelly suggests practicing meditation for cultivating inner calm, and getting outside to see and feel the larger world. “Nature, the ocean, a sunrise or sunset, a view—they all bring perspective where we can feel part of something beyond ourselves.” Being proactive—problem solving, taking action, exploring options and getting information—can give a sense of control, she says.

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