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Twelve-Week Program Supports Lasting Transformation

New Year’s resolutions are an end-of-the-year tradition— the most popular ones being “join the gym,” “lose weight” and “stop eating sugar.” Unfortunately, the vast majority of those resolutions quickly fail, says Anamaria Pontes, chief nutritionist for Holistic Dentists, located at 17 Park Place.

“Come the first of January, resolution-ers are enthusiastic to change,” she says. “They join the gym and try to figure out the best diet out there. However by the second week of February, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail.”

Getting healthy and fit requires changing behavior, she says. “We set all these resolutions, but we fail to address our ability to sustain motivation and handle the stress and discomfort involved in changing. It takes time to set in new behavior and sustain it.”

For this reason, Pontes created a 12-week transformation program called 90 Days to a Healthier, More Vibrant You. “We go over curated nutrition knowledge, a system to put this information in place, accountability and support, because knowledge alone does not equal behavior change,” she says. “It takes a system, support and accountability to change behavior. If you can change a behavior or habit, then you can change your health. If you can change your health, you can change your life.”

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