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Examining Alexander Technique

by Mona Al-Kazemi

Often I’m asked about Alexander Technique (AT) in comparison to yoga, Pilates and other modalities that focus on balance and wellness. The one definite similarity between AT and most of the common mind-body practices is the emphasis on being in the present. We all seek a deeper connection to ourselves as well as to the world around us, and the only way to live this connection is by staying in the present moment.

As for the difference, AT uniquely engages you in a process to cultivate awareness into action. Through pausing first and then directing the body in a more “natural” way, one finds that change to an effortless connection is possible and enjoyable. I describe it as “natural” in the sense that this seemingly new way is actually how we are supposed to carry ourselves in stillness and in movement—the way we used to carry ourselves as children.

The good news is that AT works side by side with all other modalities and can enhance anything you do. Much like the lens that the optometrist adds so you see clearly, AT is the lens through which you will live with deeper clarity and connection.

Mona Al-Kazemi, M.Ed., Member of American Society for the Alexander Technique, is cofounder of Think AT, a new business in Battery Park City dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique, mainly through individual lessons. The name is inspired by the technique’s focus on thinking, which affects the way we live, including whether we move with patterns of tension or ease. Teachers at Think AT have more than 12 years of training. For more information, call 646-632-5181 or visit

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