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“World’s Greatest Conspiracy Theorist” Comes to New York

Aug 29, 2016 08:20PM
DI3 HiBritish author, researcher and public speaker David Icke, often referred to as “the world’s greatest conspiracy theorist,” will bring his Worldwide Wake Up Tour to the Grand Prospect Hall in New York on September 10.

In recent years, alternative versions of reality that were previously dismissed as conspiracy theories have grabbed the spotlight as facts emerge in mainstream media to support these controversial claims. At the forefront of this trend is Icke, whose career is noted for the many predictions he has made since the early 1990s. His bestselling books like “The Lion Sleeps No More” and “The Biggest Secret” have attained near-gospel status among his fans, who see the current state of the world as validation of his beliefs.

While Icke’s conspiracy theories have faced strong resistance, he continues to sell out seminar venues around the world, and he has coined many of the terms in use today to describe what he considers the elitist hidden agenda, such as “problem, reaction, solution” and “the totalitarian tiptoe.” On this tour, Icke will present the latest research from his recently released book, “Phantom Self,” and propose solutions to “a fast-awakening humanity.”

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