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Routines for Beauty, Youth and Well-Being

bonevaBy Dr. Mariana Boneva

Our skin reflects our physical and mental health, which is why external treatments and topical products don’t solve all our skin problems. Junk food, stress, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep … the way we live shows up on our faces. Maintaining flawless, acne-free, glowing skin requires vigilance—establishing regular health routines not just for the skin, but also for the body and mind, and then following them faithfully.

Fortunately, it’s a much better time for “beauty from within” today than it was 10 years ago. Consumers are more educated about the dynamics of good health; they understand that they can get added value from nutritious food, physical activity, meditation and relaxation. They know that having a strong constitution and beautiful appearance begins with living in a well-organized manner.

Make these routines a habit for good health that will radiate from within.


  • Wash your face twice: in the morning with apple toner, and in the evening with salicylic acid (for acne) or rose toner (for aging skin).
  • Take off your makeup every night with coconut oil.
  • After cleansing, apply a moisturizing cream with collagen (for day) or rose (for night).
  • Take warm (not hot) showers, applying avocado body lotion afterward.
  • Drink a lot of alkaline water (pH 7.5+).
  • Stick to an alkaline diet to keep your body in an alkaline state—the key to restoring beauty, youth and well-being.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of collagen protein powder with water. I recommend collagen protein from Bulletproof (, a hybrid dietary supplement that delivers broad-based support to the whole body, including the skin.
  • Add liquid iodine (12.5 mg/day) or iodine tablets to your diet for overall health.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Drink a cup of mint tea with 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar and honey.
  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


  • Do an at-home natural peel mask.
  • Exercise and meditate three times a week.
  • Clean your cell phone and pillowcase.


  • Exfoliate the skin on your face and neck with vibradermabrasion.
  • Exfoliate your body with sugar and lemon scrub, preferably in a dry sauna.


  • Get a checkup with your dermatologist.
  • Do a 21-day cleanse, as appropriate for your age and overall health.
bonevaDr. Mariana Boneva has offices at 353 Lexington Ave. For more information, visit or call 212-371-6097.

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