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Removing Mercury Fillings Good Health Step

mercury-amalgamAccording to the World Health Organization, mercury is one of the top 10 chemicals of major public health concern; even small amounts of mercury exposure can cause serious health problems. So removing any source of exposure, such as dental amalgams—the main source of accumulation of total mercury in the human body—is an important step to restoring good health, says Anamaria Pontes, resident nutritionist for Holistic Dentists in Tribeca.

“Dental amalgam releases low levels of elemental mercury in the form of a vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs each time you eat, drink, chew gum, brush your teeth or otherwise stimulate your teeth,” Pontes says. Symptoms of mercury toxicity include tremors, emotional changes, insomnia, weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching, headaches, changes in nerve responses and deficient cognitive function. High levels of mercury vapor exposure adversely affect the brain, nervous system and kidneys.

Holistic Dentists offer alternatives to amalgam fillings, and they will remove old amalgam fillings following a special safety protocol, Pontes says. “My holistic heavy-metal cleanse is also highly recommended to optimize the natural detoxification mechanisms of your own body,” she adds.

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