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Experience Lightness through Alexander Technique

at“I feel lightness and ease.”

That’s the kind of comment Mona Al-Kazemi typically hears after an Alexander Technique lesson. What is it about Alexander Technique that can make people experience lightness although their actual weight has not changed?

“The secret is in the undoing of muscular tension that we all tend to carry with us, although most people are not aware of it,” Al-Kazemi says. “We get accustomed to the ways we move and use ourselves, to the point that we become kinesthetically dull—that is, we stop receiving the kinesthetic cues of tension and compression.”

Al-Kazemi is cofounder of Think AT, a new business in Battery Park City dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique, mainly through individual lessons. “The name is inspired by the technique’s focus on thinking, which affects the way we live, including whether we move with patterns of tension or ease,” she explains.

People who take Alexander Technique lessons not only become aware kinesthetically, but also sense the difference in letting go of their habits of tensing or overusing their muscles, she says. “Just like a crumbled piece of clothing that opens up when it is spread, you will un-compress and open up to feelings of lightness and ease.”

For more information, call 646-632-5181 or visit

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