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Curing Tooth Decay through Saliva Buffering

Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 23158 PMTribeca Center for Holistic and Integrative Dentistry offers a free pH test to measure the buffering capacity of saliva—a simple, inexpensive way to detect both systemic and oral disease, according to Dr. Lewis Gross, center director and a pioneer in alternative dentistry.

“Normal saliva has a pH of 7.2, but only in a more alkaline environment can teeth and bone remineralize and naturally cure incipient decay,” he says. “Many people under 30, who were raised on fluoride, don’t have cavities but have sensitive teeth and severe root erosions. The sides of the teeth abrade from excessive acidity. Increasing alkalinity is an important treatment for digestive, hypertension, cancer and autoimmune diseases too.”

Gross recommends reducing acidity in the saliva by cutting down on coffee and alcohol, drinking alkaline water, and eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer sugars and starches.

“The oral cavity is the gateway to the digestive microbiome,” he says. “Saliva lubricates and protects that environment. Just like you need good earth to grow healthy plants, the oral environment needs a constant flow of alkaline saliva to wash away food particles and bacteria and prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which cause periodontal disease.”

To participate in clinical trials for Gross’s natural mouthwash, Alka-White, formulated to whiten teeth, freshen breath and increase pH, call 212-732-2200. For more information, visit