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Natural Awakenings New York City

New Approach to Skin Care Is Life-Changing

by Iva T. Hoop

When I first visited Dr. Mariana Boneva in 2011, I was having major breakouts and was willing to do anything to get my clear skin back. A friend had given me very credible reasons to visit Dr. Boneva, calling her a miracle worker. I wasn’t sure about that—I’d heard that cystic acne could take years to heal, and I’d already tried almost everything—but I agreed to see her.

Before we even started treatments, Dr. Boneva recommended some tips that helped me. When I used them in conjunction with her laser services and her skin-care products, I got the results I wanted in almost no time. Results were visible after the first treatment.


Unlike other dermatologists I’d seen, who never identified the cause of my acne and continuously prescribed oral medication, Dr. Boneva explained that the major cause for any skin problem is what’s going on inside the body. She introduced me to a new approach: clearing up inflamed skin by clearing internal inflammation as well.

I found that Dr. Boneva was willing to help me and work with me until my problem was resolved. She listed several possible reasons for my acne, and when I followed her instructions I found that I was able to love my skin again. I continued working with her for about six months, getting monthly laser treatments and colon cleanse sessions and using her skin-care products.

I am in my mid-20s now, and I’ve never had such flawless skin. I am finally able to enjoy life without the constant need to cover my skin with makeup. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Boneva for opening my eyes and changing my life in such a tremendous way. For me, she truly was a miracle worker.

Dr. Mariana Boneva is founder of Beauty Plus Aesthetics, 353 Lexington Ave. #1603. For more information, visit or call 212.371.6097.

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